Unlock the working capital trapped in your inventory.

The lag time between purchasing inventory and selling the end product often leaves businesses without essential working capital to keep growing and build inventory levels for future sales. Offered in conjunction with our Accounts Receivable Financing, your inventory serves as collateral for a term loan to purchase inventory and bridge the gap until your finished goods are sold. 

About Our Inventory Financing Program:

  • Maximizes working capital
  • Gives you more availability against assets
  • Provides a solution to support inventory build for seasonal fluctuations and reduce cash flow volatility
  • Allows you to acquire extra inventory when you need it so you can achieve higher sales volume
  • Immediate access to cash with same-day funding

Benefits of Working with CBF:

  • Improved Cash Flow: Your working capital is not tied up in inventory so you can purchase needed materials and goods quickly. 
  • Efficient: Allows you to secure vendor discounts for bulk inventory purchases or faster payment terms.
  • Speed: Flat organizational structure enables faster decision making.
  • Less Stress: Access to steady working capital saves you valuable time so you can focus on growing your business.
  • Personalized: High-touch customer service with a dedicated account executive.

If you don’t fit the requirements for traditional financing, contact us today! We’ll customize a program with all our products that gives your business access to maximum funding.