CBF Referral Program

As a way to show our appreciation for you recommending CBF to your clients and friends we will send you $1,000 for acceptable prospects that are closed and funded.

But that’s not all! At CBF we pay commissions on gross fees, not net fees which results in higher commissions for our referral partners. For acceptable prospects that are closed and funded with initial monthly funding above $ 200,000 CBF will pay a monthly referral fee equal to 10 % of the monthly Gross Revenue for the first six months. *

For more information on partnering with CBF contact Dustin Hodgkins at 407-491-6610 or dustin@CBFfunding.com or simply click the link below and we will contact you directly.

Don’t say no, say CBF.

For three decades, CBF has been the go-to alternative funding source for bankers, brokers, CPAs and other financial professionals in our three primary markets: Tampa, Jacksonville, and Central Florida. Since 2007 we have expanded our market to service customers throughout the Southeast. We understand not every company will be a fit for traditional lending programs, so we’re here to offer bridge funding to give your customers the cash flow they need to grow until they’re bankable.

Don’t forget our 30+ years of trusted business funding experience and dedication to long-term partnerships! We’d love to discuss how we can help you and your customers. 

Banks love us because:

  • We enable you to offer unbankable customers an excellent flexible working capital solution.
  • We keep you involved in the deal and work as partners, not competitors.  
  • We give you speedy, straightforward, honest answers.
  • We treat your customers with respect and help them grow through all types of business cycles.
  • We protect the deposit relationship of a customer who might otherwise move their business to another funding source.
  • We don’t refer your customer to other banks; when they’re bankable we bring the deal back to you.

Brokers, CPAs, attorneys, and other finance professionals love us because: 

  • We enable you to offer a flexible financing solution to a client who falls outside standard lending guidelines, making you the hero.
  • We use our business expertise to help your clients build and strengthen their business.
  • Our speedy working capital solutions let your client take advantage of new opportunities, invest in their business and grow.
  • Our program allows for an easier transition back to bank financing when the client is ready.
  • You earn competitive commissions through our referral program.

* $ 1000 referral fee is paid at the minimum for the first month. CBF will pay referral fees to the individual and/or company if directed by company.