Don’t say no, say CBF.

For three decades, CBF has been the go-to alternative funding source for bankers, brokers, CPAs and other financial professionals in our three primary markets: Tampa, Jacksonville, and Central Florida. Since 2007 we have expanded our market to service customers throughout the Southeast. We understand not every company will be a fit for traditional lending programs, so we’re here to offer bridge funding to give your customers the cash flow they need to grow until they’re bankable.

Don’t forget our 30+ years of trusted business funding experience and dedication to long-term partnerships! We’d love to discuss how we can help you and your customers. 

Banks love us because:

  • We enable you to offer unbankable customers an excellent flexible working capital solution.
  • We keep you involved in the deal and work as partners, not competitors.  
  • We give you speedy, straightforward, honest answers.
  • We treat your customers with respect and help them grow through all types of business cycles.
  • We protect the deposit relationship of a customer who might otherwise move their business to another funding source.
  • We don’t refer your customer to other banks; when they’re bankable we bring the deal back to you.

Brokers, CPAs, attorneys, and other finance professionals love us because: 

  • We enable you to offer a flexible financing solution to a client who falls outside standard lending guidelines, making you the hero.
  • We use our business expertise to help your clients build and strengthen their business.
  • Our speedy working capital solutions let your client take advantage of new opportunities, invest in their business and grow.
  • Our program allows for an easier transition back to bank financing when the client is ready.
  • You earn competitive commissions through our referral program.